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Our service allows call centers, survey & polling services, contact centers and other professional dialers with a high volume of outbound calls to control the name that shows up when someone receives a call.

This is a guaranteed methodology to increase the pickup ratio's for your dialing campaigns at absolutely NO cost.

When you don't actively manage your outbound callerID your call will likely show "UNKNOWN" or "OUT OF REGION". Look at the image below, which of these two calls do you think is more likely to be answered?

Which call do you think is more likely to be answered?

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With our Management Portal is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse to change the CallerID being displayed on your campaigns. No need to switch long distance/SIP providers and you can keep using the same dialing platform as before.

  • Nationwide ANIs/DIDs so that your calls don't appear to come from out of state
  • Set your own CNAM and easily update it when you change campaigns
  • Complimentary IVR or get return calls routed back to you
  • No change of VoIP carrier or dialer needed
  • Free of charge

So what is CNAM caller ID?

CNAM stands for Caller Name. Caller Name and Number is a very common premium feature in the United States and is often bundled with other premium phone services like call waiting and call forwarding. When a call is being received by a CNAM caller ID subscriber, both the caller name and telephone number are being displayed. This is a service the caller id subscriber has to pay for.

The caller name being displayed does not come from the phone’s memory but is passed to the caller id subscriber by the local phone company. Whenever they receive a call for a callerid subscriber, they look up the caller name in a central CNAM database so it can be displayed on the receiving party’s phone display.

What are CNAM Revenue and dip fees?

CNAM caller ID is a feature that people in the U.S. pay for to have it enabled on their phone line.

Every time the local phone company receives a call from another phone company, they have to look up the caller name in one of several central CNAM databases. This is also referred to as ‘dipping into the CNAM database’.

Each time they dip into the CNAM database, the phone company has to pay a small fee to the CNAM database provider. The CNAM database provider gets their data from all the different phone companies in the country.

The phone companies insert the telephone numbers they own and the name that has to be displayed into this CNAM database. They are verry willing to do so, because every time one of their telephone numbers gets looked up in the CNAM database, they receive a small compensation from the CNAM database providers.

Each month these CNAM callerid revenues are paid to the local telephone companies by the CNAM database providers.

CNAM for Enterprise?

Any medium to large business not properly utilizing callerID name and number have been proven less effective in their outbound marketing, sales and even customer support than those that do use a proper CNAM.

Imagine for example that your customer has just filled a trouble ticket or a sales information request with your company, and now is waiting for a call back. You have done everything you can in order to make sure that sales and support queues are as short as possible in order to promptly follow up with your customer or potential client.

However – as the customer is sitting by the phone anticipating your call – his phone rings. Their callerID display shows “unknown caller”, “toll free”, or out of region. What do you think the chances are that they will pick up the phone?

“That must be a telemarketer, I am waiting for an important call and surely not gonna pick up that call”

And what if he accidentally misses your call, do your callerID name and number help him understand who called and do they give them an option to call back?

With our CNAM callerID solutions you can easily manage what shows up as callerID name and number, and you can even receive return calls for free.
Our online portal allows enterprise customers to properly identify themselves using callerID. Would you think the customer in the previous example would have answered your call if the callerID said “XYZ Inc. support” ?